OHSAS 18001

Introduction of OHSAS 18001:

Although OHSAS 18001 is not our (Pakistan’s) local standard neither our regulatory requirement but due to its global acceptance, dynamic structure and most importantly backing of 43 most renowned organizations of the world at times of its creation has made this the most valuable standard to manage occupational health and safety issues.

Requirement of OHSAS 18001:

Organizations of all kind are increasingly being concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound occupational health and safety (OH&S) performance by controlling their OH&S risks, consistent with their OH&S policy and objectives and the other requirements they have subscribed to.

They do so in the context of increasingly stringent legislation, the development of economic policies and of increased concerns expressed by interested parties about OH&S issues. There are key steps that every organization implementing an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System will need to consider before they apply for OHSAS 18001 Certification.

The Benefits You Gain:

  • Risks and losses would be reduced and/or eliminated;
  • Reduced accidents, incidents and costs;
  • Reliable operations;
  • Compliance to rules, legislation, company standards and practices;
  • A systematic and efficient approach to health and safety work;
  • Low turnover of people;
  • Positive company image and reputation;
  • No or reduced environmental concerns;
  • Continuity of operation;
  • Operation efficiency through clear objectives and targets, clear job procedures, better understanding of legal health and safety requirements;
  • Increased communications with workers and contractors to have their involvement in overall progress;
  • Ability to attract and maintain a high quality workforce through employee pride;
  • Improved community and activist group goodwill;
  • And other countless benefits.

What First Aid to Save a Life (FATSAL) Pakistan Can Do/Provide:

First Aid to Save a Life (FATSAL) Pakistan have trained, certified and experienced professionals those can set up (independent or integrate) OH&S Management System for your organization to control OH&S risks to foster good and compliance OH&S practices and help you prepare for the final registered certification process.

Key Steps Involved in Achieving OHSAS 18001 Certification:

OHSAS 18001 Standard:

Before we do anything and proceed further our first step will be to give you one authorized copy of the OHSAS 18001 Standard.

Related Trainings:

There are range of workshops and training courses available to help you understand the detailed requirements and implementation criteria of this standard, our legal requirements and other business commitments.

Appointment of Assessors:

A trained, certified and experienced OHSAS 18001 assessors shall be appointed who will have knowledge concerning the nature of your business and will work with you and/or for you to understand your comprehensive OH&S requirements and will initiate the designing of OH&S Management System processes.

Preliminary Assessment:

Preliminary assessment or gap analysis shall be conducted to gather information and determine organization’s requirements before starting work on designing the management system. This assessment will also include the review of available H&S documents in practice including OH&S policy, OH&S objectives, information related to workplace area and other OH&S commitments made by business.

Designing the OHSAS 18001 Management System:

After preliminary assessment our assessors will start their work to design a structured management system which will provides a framework around which people can operate in order for the organization to achieve its desired outcomes in an effective and efficient manner. This model fits in neatly with the structure of other management system documents such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The alignment of the management system documents helps in the facilitation of Integrated Management Systems.

Implementing the Designed Management System:

At this stage the management system designed by FATSAL’s consultants will be implemented for (decided) time period.

Checking the Performance of Designed Management System:

After the testing period the performance of this management system will be evaluated objectively against the set criteria and defined scope to know the extent to which it fulfilled the requirements.

Conducting Surveillance Audit:

The surveillance audit phase is concerned with the ongoing and continual improvement assessment of the control measures and the monitoring and review performance which will assure its multi dimensional adoptability within the organization.

On and after the successful completion of all steps till satisfying and result oriented surveillance audit, any organization can submit their application for external third party audit to attain OHSAS 18001 certificate of registration.

What is Registration:

Registration is when an accredited third party visits an organization, assesses their management system and issues a certificate to show that the organization abides by to the principles set out in the standard (OHSAS 18001).

Once a company has been issued with a certificate as a registrar, visits the organization on a regular basis to assess whether they continue to conform and are still working to the specifications laid out in the (OHSAS 18001) standard.

Benefits of Registration:

Registration demonstrates to customers, competitors, supplier, staff and investors, that an organization uses legal requirements and industry-respected practices.


  • registration by a third party helps an organization demonstrate to stakeholders that the business is run effectively,
  • the process of achieving and maintaining the registration helps to ensure that the organization is seeking to continually improve their activities and demonstrates an innovative and forward thinking approach,
  • the regular assessment process will ensure you continually use, monitor and improve your processes resulting in improved staff responsibility, commitment and motivation,
  • registration can improve overall performance, remove uncertainty and widen market opportunities.

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