Bleeding Control Courses

First Aid to Save a Life is pleased to announce hands-on #bleeding control #workshop to train more and more people to put stop to bleeding to save lives.

Traumatic injuries are often sudden and unexpected; they can occur due to falls, occupational accident, violence, car crash, gun shot wounds, etc. Learning how to stop the bleed can help increase the chances of survival following the injury.

This course is designed for civilians of all ages who are interested in learning this basic and lifesaving training. Everyone should be prepared to perform basic hemorrhage control to help prevent deaths from blood loss. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. You never know when you could become a victim or a lifesaving volunteer.

Learning Outcome:
1- First Aid and Law
2- Personal safety & EMS activation
3- The ABCs of bleeding
4- Identify type of bleeding
5- Orientation to bleeding control items
6- Hands-on practice to stop/control the bleeding
7- Shock


With limited seats available, please do not wait for last date. Dial 0345 5656307 for help on registration or any query.