Quality Assurance Policy

The long-term business success of First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of work performed and services offered. This commitment is in the best interest of our clients and our business. In FATSAL everyone is committed to actively participate and contribute positively in implementation of this policy.

We are committed to:

1:- Maintain effective management system in order to meet client’s requirements.

2:- Monitor, evaluate and continually improve our quality performance.

3:- Educate our employees on latest benchmarks and how their actions can influence quality performance.

Further to aforementioned, we are committed to the proactive integration of quality objectives into our Management system at all levels. This is critical to our business’s success that we shall review this policy under the shadow of local applicable laws and regulations.

Faisal Javed Mir (154019)

First Aid to Save a Life (153319)

Training Center Director