Everyone likes to think they are different. We are the same but let me assure you its not just talk. Frankly we try much harder to offer a more attentive, imaginative and enhanced experience and credible learning experiences.

First Aid to Save a Life provides the best quality training at very best, affordable and lowest possible rates without compromising on quality of education. Here is the answer to many questions those may come to your mind that why you should choose First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan for training and consultancy jobs.

  • Internationally acceptable and accredited trainings in lowest possible prices in Pakistan.
  • Why go to other countries to avail internationally recognized and acceptable trainings, when we provide you the training in Pakistan at reasonable investment.
  • Your people have no travel costs, no time off-site. Why travel to the training, when we bring the training to you.
  • We utilize examples and problems from your business in our training, not made-up examples that are just not relevant.
  • We don’t believe one-size-fits-all, tailor-made training solutions are effective.
  • If you choose, we provide optional pre-exams and post-exams, for proof of training effectiveness.
  • We provide training certificates, as proof of education, and training credit, as applicable.
  • Our Certificates has QR Code to strengthen quality and authenticity. So there are no fake certificates.
  • With the QR on the certificate one can check the detail content of the training done by the individuals. Now there are no doubts if the participant got training on any specific topic or not?
  • We’re ready when you are! We work to your schedule, not ours. Weekend training? No problem for us.
  • Small classes or large classes no problem with us. We provide training unique to your needs.
  • Successful participants will receive (individual) successful certificate with 2-years validity.
  • International certifications are from MEDIC First Aid International and American Safety and Health Institute.
  • A personal wallet skill guide card which can be used for quick reference/revision.
  • Award-winning, professionally produced videos.
  • Safe and effective first aid response techniques based on G2015 Guidelines for CPR and First Aid.
  • A proven “seeing, hearing, doing, speaking, feeling” approach to learning.
  • Professional adult CPR-AED training manikins (with CPR monitor) for realistic experiences and feedback.
  • Professional infant manikin.
  • First aid supplies for pure training purposes.
  • Automated online bookings which may take 1 minute to complete the online booking process.
  • We firmly believe your training experience shouldn’t stop at the end of your course. All our delegates get access to 24 months of continuous learning links, information regarding any updates in guidelines, support and advice from our experienced trainers.
  • Quality of education is also maintained in accredited training courses where only 20 participants are enrolled in one session.
  • We upload course videos on our YouTube Channel from where you can share your memories and learning experiences with your contacts.
  • In our courses we do our best to involve participants in different roles to understand actual requirements and ask him/her to perform how they will react in real life scenarios which enhances their learning, command on presenting the learning to others and learn how to handle the crowd as well to give real life experiences.
  • and many more reasons.

Also, do let us know if we have missed something which you want to see in our upcoming courses or any other facility which we are not providing in our courses.

If you are convinced and really like to hear more from us then please contact us. Click below to join us to get routine updates.

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