Our Services

We provide workplace and community group trainings. We are a20160304_182026 training partner of many other occupational safety training providers and offer our customers a wide range of services. We offers a wide variety of services and products to help you satisfy your basic and/or advanced first aid and emergency needs.  From basic first aid to advanced first aid care and to an AED Implementation Program, First Aid to Save a Life  offers innovative solutions that set us apart from other solution providers in Pakistan.

We provide a Personable Approach, we are Experts in the field, and provide Value to your organization.  We also offer Flexible scheduling to work with your hours of operation and provide on-site training to minimize downtime. We deal in following categories.

1:- MEDIC FIRST AID International Training Courses: MEDIC First Aid training courses are video-based with systematized approach that creates a low-stress, student-centered learning environment.  MEDIC First Aid training programs include CPR, AED, first aid, bloodborne pathogens, and emergency oxygen. MEDIC FIRST AID courses are registered training courses. Kindly visit MEDIC FIRST AID page for details of training courses available and other information.

2:- Health Management and Training Services: First Aid to Save a Life offers specialized occupational health and safety courses to complement your emergency care training needs. Designed with national and industrial standards in mind, we provide programs that can be used as stand-alone courses or as part of a comprehensive compliance program to meet occupational health and safety requirements. Please see dedicated page for details of courses available.

3:- Health and Management Consultancy Services: The companies looking for a comprehensive solution to emergency care training needs, First Aid to Save a Life’s Health Management System is the answer. FATSAL helps companies meet regulatory compliance training requirements by providing high-quality, consistent, standardized emergency care training and Health Management System. We provide a number of benefits and tools to assist companies in managing their emergency care and continuing education training. With qualified instructors we provide our corporate clients with easy access to high quality emergency care trainings. Please see dedicated page for details of services we offer.

4:- Community Training Programs: Our community training program helps community groups and educational institutes, implement community CPR and/or CPR and AED training programs to save a life.

5:- Automated External Defibrillator Implementation Program: The main purpose of this program is to enable rescuers to save a life of patients who are victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), as well as those who are unresponsive or choking while using AED.

6:- HSE Project Management Services: First Aid to Save a Life have capabilities and trusted resources to take care of your project’s health, safety and environmental requirements as per local regulatory requirements as well as best known industrial and job related specific international compliance requirements.

We have multi-dimensional and international experience in HSE project management and are well aware of the requirements to comply with.

7:- School Safety Program: First Aid to Save a Life will help schools to have an emergency preparedness plan in place to deal with emergencies. In an emergency event, schools must function temporarily as a parent, a nurse, and a physician. It is high time and when children learn in their childhood or early adolescent age it is very rare they forget it in their remaining life. First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan will make sure that our this program will never let them feel unprepared to deal with emergencies.

For more details on courses, quotes and/or HSE project management, please email us at faisal@firstaidtosavealife.com or info@firstaidtosavealife.com or do make a contact on +92 345 5656307.