Class Room Standardized Equipment and Facilities Policy

First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan is committed to quality of education and training which involves using premises that are conducive to learning. We are committed to provide sufficient range of equipment and supplies to support all elements of the training program.

1:- Seats                                                 One per student

2:- Writing surfaces                             Adequate for each student to take notes.

3:- Learning books/notes                     Reference book/notes by training center

4:- Audiovisual equipment                  Projector, speakers and others if required

5:- CPR manikins (or AED)                One manikin to every six students. AED for AED trainings.

6:- Training supplies                            Sufficient quantity (at least two pairs of) gloves, masks, bandages and other supported training supplies.

7:- Optional equipment                       a) portable BP apparatus.

b) portable blood glucose monitoring apparatus.

c) Epi-pen for training.

d) First aid box for inventory and refilling practices.

Faisal Javed Mir (154019)

First Aid to Save a Life (153319)

Training Center Director