Practical Skills and CPR Training

It is the policy of First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan that CPR learning curriculum’s which ignore the importance of associated physical skills practice are not adequate to meet the reasonable performance measure and should be avoided. Students should be careful when considering these types of education services for regulated training programs. Henceforth, First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan will not issue a certificate to those participants who have completed only theory part of any training course and have not participated in practical skills necessary to achieve reasonable outcome.

CPR training classes are performance-based classes which train providers to physically provide care for ill and injured individuals. The clearest example of physical skills are ventilation and chest compressions. Specialized training manikins are available during training sessions and for those who choose to do online and/or blended training course* to allow hands-on practice of these capabilities.

* Fee will be charged for practical session to those who have done online or blended training course.

Faisal Javed Mir (154019)

First Aid to Save a Life (153319)

Training Center Director