First Aid Courses

Making first aid a part of everybody’s life.


First Aid to Save a Life (FATSAL) is the leading training, consultancy and sales company working since 2011. We are pioneer in introducing MEDIC First Aid International & ASHI (USA) certifications in Pakistan and provider of exemplary first aid courses; offering outstanding training for groups and individuals at your venue or ours. Our instructors will teach you live—in person, using training materials specially developed to teach first aid techniques. They will not only instruct you, they will be available to check your movements as you practices. They will keep working with you until you demonstrate the correct skills to save a life.


With over 15 years of experience in health and safety profession and 12 years experience with MEDIC First Aid we are proven leaders and the preferred single-source provider of emergency care and first aid training solutions for instructors, small businesses and large corporations, schools, daycare, sports coaches, diving instructors, life guards, personal and fitness instructors, international certification bodies, and international agencies.

Smooth Scheduling:

In this very global but competitive world, we are proud to serve our clients where they work and live. We also offer flexible scheduling to work with your hours of operation and provide bespoke and on-site training to minimize time losses.

Realistic Trainings:

Our programs put lifesaving skills in context with real-life scenarios students can relate to. The cornerstone of training is material available for hands-on learning and we ensure that students have ample time for learning on the best tools available.


Compliance with regulatory requirements or corporate policies or industry challenges or
international policies is often the motivation to provide workplace training/s. However, the true value of safety and emergency care training is preventing workplace injuries and preparing your team to respond when something does happen.

When an Emergency Strikes,
Will You Be Ready to Save a Life?

A robust training program helps ensure that someone is available with the confidence and knowledge to use the appropriate techniques, practices, and recognize, assesses, and prioritize the need for first aid, provide appropriate first aid, recognize limitations and personal safety, seek professional medical assistance when necessary, avoid secondary accidents, and sometimes, even save a life. While you can’t predict when an emergency will occur, you can be prepared.

In less time than you think, FATSAL can give you the vital knowledge and skills you’ll need to respond to a life-threatening situations with confidence. Students who have trained through our training programs are prepared to come to the aid of those around them. From lay providers with basic first aid skills to professional responders using advanced techniques, the training we provide can make all the difference.

Depth of Courses:

Our most popular courses include the intensive one day Basic First Aid training to meet local requirements as well as fully accredited and regulated Emergency First Aid, Advance First Aid  courses and short courses. We run specific courses for all sorts of sports organisations, schools, nurseries and health professionals. We also have specific courses for carers of adults and teenagers and will adapt these entirely according to your requirements.

Bespoke and Outdoor Courses:

We run bespoke courses for groups and have scheduled courses for individuals. All courses are tailored to your needs. We are first to offer outdoor first aid courses to comply with your specific requirements.

After Training Support:

We will help you retain your skills and knowledge: you will receive a comprehensive first aid manual, regular updates and a reminder when your certificate is about to expire. Language support is available for those with English as a second language and continuous online learning resources enable you to easily update your skills.

Content Guidelines:

All our courses incorporate best practice and comply with the latest guidelines from the ILCOR, American Red Cross, American Heart Associations, Resuscitation Council UK, European Resuscitation Council and comply with the local requirements.