4-Days Outdoor First Aid

Course Introduction:

If you work for oil extraction or process companies (E&P or Oil Rigs), power plants, dock yard, textile industry, construction sites/industry, seat port or dry port, or any facility where high impact accidents can occur then what you need is our hands-on and scenario based first aid training and not the boring presentation read-out session.

The most first aid training providers in Pakistan still love to read presentation notes to the candidates and offer CPR practice to conclude the session. Do you think it is still the best thing to do where the workforce can be exposed to high impact and very severe injuries?

First Aid to Save a Life (FATSAL) is the first in Pakistan to offer outdoor first aid course and our clients are growing in numbers because they believe hands-on first aid is the real training which adds knowledge, skills and confidence to save lives.

Our practical first aid training courses incorporate the added stress and chaos involved in real situations with real people and sometimes with the help of simulation. The goal of scenario training is to practice skills under realistic, stressful conditions (workplace accident, pressure vessel blast, amputation, choked on hazardous gases, struck by moving machinery, crushed leg/arm, gunshot wound, fall from height, etc.) to train them to take control and offer safe and proven care. FATSAL enables unprecedented realism in all types and levels of trauma and illness scenarios to build experiences. We have many scenario based training courses and can help you decide which will work best for your needs.

Intended Course Audience:

This course is designed for occupational first aid team members, on-shore/off-shore first aid teams, non-EMS responders, and other individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers but desire or require certification and extensive knowledge in First Aid.

Certification Period:    2 Years

Duration:    24 – 32 Hours (4-Days)


Current, valid basic first aid and BLS (Basic Life Support) certifications.

Required for Successful Completion

Written Evaluation


Skills Evaluation

Students must perform required skills competently without assistance.

Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.


Corporate/Group Training Solutions:

If you have delegates with similar training needs, FATSAL can also offer cost-effective in-house and/or onsite bespoke training solutions. For Corporate Training Solutions and to share your training requirements do contact us:

faisal@firstaidtosavealife.com         /         0092 345 5656307