Training Services

Health Management and Training Services:

We offer basic, intermediate, advance and expert levels of training services to our clients. We use our Occupational Health expertise to assist companies in developing and implementing effective training plans. Please find below some of the trainings capability.

1 Circadian Rhythm;

2 Emergency (Medical) Response Planning;

3 First Aid Trainings (All levels);

4 Office Ergonomics;

5 Health and Hygiene;

6 Substance Abuse;

7 Malaria/Dengue Prevention & Management Plan;

8 Working in Hot & Cold Climates;

9 Communicable Diseases i.e., scabies, T.B., etc

10Occupational Health & Hygiene;

11 Snake Bite Management Plan (Handling & Transportation)

12 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and Special Medical Cases/Situations;

13 Radiations effects on Health;

14 HTN and other CVS Diseases in current age;

15 Occupational Health & Safety;

16 Awareness on Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Training Programs;

17 Psychological First Aid;

18 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Trainings;

19 Personal Fall Protection & Work at Height Safety Trainings;

20 Fire Safety Trainings (All Levels);

21 Manual Handling & Lifting Training with practical;

22 Emergency Response and Preparedness Training; &

23 Essentials of Occupational Health and Safety Profession.

For more details on courses and/or quotes, please email us at or do make a contact on +92 345 5656307.