Make Safety a Priority in 2021

The new year provides a chance for a fresh start, with new goals and new priorities. And with 2020 in the rear view mirror, we’re encouraging each of you make safety a priority in 2021.

Here’s some simple safety goals to add to your resolution list this year.

Stay vigilant: Continue to take COVID precautions

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be distributed, it’s important that each of us do our part by taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. And this includes continuing to protect yourself and others by wearing masks and social distancing.


Be prepared: Restock your emergency kit

When was the last time you took an inventory of your family first aid kit or your emergency survival kit? 2020 was a challenging year, so there’s a good chance you might have used supplies and forgot to replenish them. Plus, we have no idea what 2021 has in store for us.

So, now is a great time to take inventory and restock your kits. Be sure to tailor each kit to fit your family’s needs, including planning for family members with disabilities.


Keep informed: Sign up for emergency notifications

When emergencies strike, you need reliable ways to get up-to-date information from official sources.

Start by signing up for various emergency alerts. Be aware that many local alert systems require residents to actively sign up for emergency communications.

So, check with your local government to sign up for your community’s alert system, which might include sending out text messages, emails or phone calls in the case of an emergency.


Get trained: Take a CPR, AED and First Aid class

You never know when you’ll be called upon to save someone’s life. A CPR, AED and First Aid class can help give you the confidence to respond to a variety of emergencies.

If you’re already certified, consider becoming a CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor to start training your friends, family and community.


First Aid Training in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

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First Aid Training in Lahore


For Your Safety,
Faisal Javed Mir & First Aid to Save a Life

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About Faisal Javed Mir

Faisal Javed Mir is Occupational Health and Safety Professional, having 15+ years of profound experience in training and consultancy. He has knowledge, skills, experience, tools, proven history and confidence to deliver what is required by the valued clients. He is teaching First Aid since 2006 and certified by MEDIC First Aid International of United States for many first aid certification programs. He is the only Instructor-Trainer by MEDIC First Aid and American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) in Pakistan.
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