Modified Recovery (HAINES) Position

Today we will update you on “Modified Recovery Position” which is named as “HAINES”; High Arm IN Endangered Spine.

As we all know that there are lot of conditions associated before to take decision to put victim in recovery position. As a general rule a victim should not be moved, especially if you suspect, from the victim’s position or the nature of the injury, that the victim may have a spinal injury BUT as a real time situation dictates you to do so in a way your or victim’s life in in danger then place the victim in a modified High Arm IN Endangered Spine (HAINES) recovery position. The step by step guide to do so is:

1:- The casualty’s arm should be fully raised by ‘rotating it outwards’ to ensure it is beside the casualty’s head. This is achieved automatically by ensuring the palm is facing upwards.

2:- The casualty’s upper limb to be placed across the chest, with fingers pointing to the opposite shoulder.

3:- Bend the casualty’s nearest lower leg at the knee.

4:- The rescuer’s hand is then placed under the hollow of casualty’s neck and head to provide stabilisation.

5:- The casualty is then carefully rolled away by the rescuer, by simultaneously pushing on the casualty’s nearest shoulder with the first aider’s forearm of the stabilising hand and the casualty’s flexed knee ensuring large casualty’s do not roll into the prone position.

6:- Whilst still supporting the head and neck, place the hand of the casualty’s upper arm ‘Palm down’, placing the fingers under the Armpit of the underarm. As soon as the hand from the upper arm is placed into the armpit, ensure the Forearm is flat on the surface and is position at 90 degrees to the body. When the casualty is positioned on their side, check the airway and if required, clear with the face turned slightly downwards to permit drainage from the mouth.

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Faisal Javed Mir & First Aid to Save a Life

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