Strains, Sprains, Dislocations and Fractures – Are you trained to care for?

Bones, muscles, and joints give the body shape, allow movement, and protect vital internal organs. There are four different types of injuries affecting bones, muscles, and joints.



Dislocations; and


We all know someone who has experienced a fracture, sprain, strain or dislocation. From skiing, slipping whilst running round the side of a swimming pool, fall from height, tripping on the same level, trampolining … or just falling badly, they happen all the time, and they are tricky injuries to avoid. Whilst fractures and sprains are extremely common, it is difficult to know whether you have broken a bone or just have a soft tissue injury.

This is where practical first aid courses helps in great deal to learn how to offer care to offer relief, alleviate suffering and saving lives. FATSAL offers most extensive first aid courses where focus is on adult learning approach where the core knowledge content is provided using scenario-based video segments, followed by demonstration of skills and the opportunity for instructor-facilitated student skill practice. The role-play from different perspectives fosters self-discovery and naturally increases the number of repetitions, helping students integrate both knowledge and skill performance.

The goal of this training program is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond in an emergency to offer care, alleviate sufferings and Save Lives!

Learning Objective:

Learn to differentiate between a strain, sprain, fracture, and dislocation

Learn to describe the signs and symptoms of a musculoskeletal injury

Learn to recognize and provide first aid treatment for a swollen, painful, deformed limb

Learn the importance of an appropriate assessment of the distal extremity

Learn the appropriate care for a patient with a musculoskeletal injury

Learn the purpose and methods for manual stabilization of a skeletal injury

Learn how to splint a swollen, painful, deformed limb.

For Your Safety,
Faisal Javed Mir & First Aid to Save a Life

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About Faisal Javed Mir

Faisal Javed Mir is Occupational Health and Safety Professional, having 15+ years of profound experience in training and consultancy. He has knowledge, skills, experience, tools, proven history and confidence to deliver what is required by the valued clients. He is teaching First Aid since 2006 and certified by MEDIC First Aid International of United States for many first aid certification programs. He is the only Instructor-Trainer by MEDIC First Aid and American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) in Pakistan.
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