About the First Aid Awards

Respected Readers and Subscribers,

First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan (FATSAL) is honored to initiate and take lead in honoring the individuals, organizations and businesses that are saving lives and leading the way in first aid. The yearly First Aid Awards by First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan, a registered training center, aim to raise awareness that first aid can be the difference between lives lost and lives saved.

First Aid to Save a Life! Pakistan is a training and consultancy company. Our trainers are approved by MEDIC First Aid International and are entrusted by many of the leading organizations to train and retrain their workforce. First Aid to Save a Life! Pakistan is driven by strong management commitment.

Everyone likes to think they are different. We are the same but let me assure you its not just talk. Frankly we try much harder to offer a more attentive, imaginative and enhanced experience and credible learning experiences. Our First Aid Awards is another initiative to recognize and honouring first aid role models committed to saving lives and leading the way in first aid.

Most people don’t realise how important first aid is – and what can happen when the people who need it don’t get it. We should ask ourselves if I am not going to stop for help then who would be? And what if I have to give help to someone very close to my heart (family), relative or neighbor!

The awards are open to all, regardless of whether you have had first aid training with First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan (FATSAL) or another provider. This award is to recognize the first aiders and not the pick and choose of first aider from training providers. We welcome applications from individuals, businesses, public sector organisations, and many more.

First Aid Awards has two main categories:

Awards for individuals; &

Awards for organizations.

The FATSAL First Aid Awards celebrate first aid successes, and we’re encouraging everyone to get involved. Whether you’re an individual, a business that cares about your employees and committed to first aid, these awards are for you.

Join us to

  • Gain public recognition for your heroism and commitment;
  • Enjoy the incredible atmosphere and experience at the First Aid Awards ceremony with the supporters of the awards and other deserving nominees; &
  • Raise the profile of first aid, and inspire others to be the difference.

The deadline for 2012 entries is Dec 31, 2012.

Kindly visit our “First Aid Awards” page to see more details about the Awards and how you can participate.

To Y(our) Health, Safety and Prosperity,

Faisal Javed Mir & First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan

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About Faisal Javed Mir

Faisal Javed Mir is Occupational Health and Safety Professional, having 15+ years of profound experience in training and consultancy. He has knowledge, skills, experience, tools, proven history and confidence to deliver what is required by the valued clients. He is teaching First Aid since 2006 and certified by MEDIC First Aid International of United States for many first aid certification programs. He is the only Instructor-Trainer by MEDIC First Aid and American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) in Pakistan.
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