Do you have an AED program in your organization?

As-Salam-o-Alaikum Dear Readers,

First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan is doing their best to create an awareness on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED programs at masses level. Due to the lack of information and deficiencies in regulations, organizations don’t intent to follow or adopt to a current or upcoming situations where physically they don’t see losses as they don’t have proactive approach and only favors reactive management. But First Aid to Save a Life Pakistan will continue with the same courage and spirit but with more coordinated and well esteemed professionals to pass on the message, what Sudden Cardiac Arrest is and why AED program is necessary or how it can prove to be beneficial for companies and their workforce.

We will say a lot with more details on this but at the moment we would like to collect some facts to plan our future actions and will appreciate your kind participation and refer this survey link to others in Pakistan to have accessibility to maximum number of persons and/or organizations.

To Your Success,

Faisal Javed Mir

About Faisal Javed Mir

Faisal Javed Mir is Occupational Health and Safety Professional, having 12 years of profound experience with multi-national companies. He has knowledge, skills, experience, tools, proven history and confidence to deliver what is required by learners. He is teaching First Aid since 2006 and certified by MEDIC First Aid International of United States for many first aid certification programs. He is the only Instructor-Trainer by MEDIC in Pakistan.
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One Response to Do you have an AED program in your organization?

  1. tcdirector says:

    As-Salam-o-Alaikum Dear All,

    One of our readers from other community asked one question, “can anyone share! who is certifying body in Pakistan for First Aiders? ”

    We sent him below reply.
    “There is no certification body in Pakistan to certify first aiders at government level. This also comes into personnel certification issue but no such authority has devised any plan for it also. There are only three main certification companies properly accredited in Pakistan for certification work and they also issue first aid certificates but I have never seen any national accepted, recognized traceability mark on the certificates issued by them.The certificates they issue are only traceable within there internal system.”

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Faisal Javed Mir


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