Do you know who was Karl Landsteiner?

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In our earlier posts we talked about; history of CPR and Personal Safety & First Aid. In our today’s post we will tell who Mr. Karl Lendsteiner was.

Mr. Karl Landsteiner was an American biologist and physician who distinguished the blood into groups in 1901. He developed, the Rhesus factor, in 1937 along with Alexander S. Wiener. He also discovered polio virus, in 1909 with Erwin Popper. In 1930 he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

In 1900 Mr. Karl Landsteiner found out that the blood of two people under contact agglutinates, and in 1901 he found that this effect was due to contact of blood with blood serum. As a result he succeeded in identifying the three blood groups, A, B and O, which he labeled C, of human blood. Mr. Karl Landsteiner also found out that blood transfusion between persons with the same blood group did not lead to the destruction of blood cells, whereas this occurred between persons of different blood groups. Based on his findings, 1907 the first successful blood transfusion was performed by Reuben Ottenberg at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Today it is well known that person with blood group AB can accept donations of other blood groups, and that persons with blood group O can donate to all other groups. Individual with blood group AB are referred to as universal recipients and those with blood group O are known as universal donors.

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Faisal Javed Mir is Occupational Health and Safety Professional, having 15+ years of profound experience in training and consultancy. He has knowledge, skills, experience, tools, proven history and confidence to deliver what is required by the valued clients. He is teaching First Aid since 2006 and certified by MEDIC First Aid International of United States for many first aid certification programs. He is the only Instructor-Trainer by MEDIC First Aid and American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) in Pakistan.
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